UGT meets people at Expo 2020 in Dubai

The managing director and partner of UGT – Dr. Sascha Reth – used the time between Christmas and New Year to discuss the possibilities of the Ecotrons and Lysimeters of UGT GmbH with interested scientists from the Arabian Peninsula.

A special highlight was our EcoUnit, which will be exhibited in the German Pavilion of the Expo 2020 in Dubai until April 2nd 2022 in the Biodiversity Lab.

UGT EcoUnit in the Biodiversity Lab

The discussions were also used to organize follow-up meetings and on-site training. Already in March, the UGT will be back at the Expo 2020. Take the opportunity to make an appointment with us at the Expo 2020.


Take part in the lottery and celebrate our EcoUnit at Expo 2020 Dubai! All you have to do is fill in the form and with a bit of luck you’ll be in!

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Closing date: 28.01.22
Draw and announcement: 03.02.22

We are looking forward to interesting meetings and discussions.

UGT – more than standard



Win with Umwelt-Geräte-Technik: A trip to Dubai and celebrate with us at the “Expo 2020 Dubai”!

Our EcoUnit has been selected!

We are at the “Expo 2020 Dubai” – it`s a very special occasion that we would like to celebrate together!

With the EcoUnit – we are represented in the German Pavilion and proud of it. It is a special honor for us and our work to be involved in this forward-looking mega-event.

The international exhibition is expected to have 25 milion visitors from all over the world and is titled “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future”. It is a unique place where global knowledge and the latest developments in research are bundled together. The focus is on climate protection, sustainability, renewable energies and mobility.

Our EcoUnit is located in the “Sustainability District” in CAMPUS GERMANY. A perfect location for the pioneering measurement system. It simulates climate scenarios and allows effects on ecosystem functions in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum to be demonstrated. The EcoUnit is already an important building block for experiments, because it creates the basis for solution strategies for a sustainable future!

Take part in the lottery and celebrate our EcoUnit at Expo 2020 Dubai! All you have to do is fill in the form and with a bit of luck you’ll be in!

Closing date: 28.01.22
Draw and announcement: 03.02.22

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UGT congratulates company founder Dr. Manfred Seyfarth to the golden badge of honor

Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH is proud of its company founder Dr. Manfred Seyfarth. For his honorary work at the IHK Ostbrandenburg in the last 25 years, managing director Gundolf Schülkeer presented him with the golden pin of honor. Because of Dr. Manfred Seyfarth’s outstanding commitment to our company and beyond, we developed into a global market leader in the field of environmental and equipment technology. He has truly earned this award. We congratulate him warmly for this honor.
You can find a detailed press release of the IHK Ostbrandenburg under:

UGT visits their partner In-Situ in the US

Stefan Rösel and Dr. Sascha Reth took the opportunity to visit In-Situ in Fort Collins, Colorado. After end of  the travel ban, it was good to meet each other in reality and get updated for new product developments.

Chris Lowry, Jenny Vail, Ben Kimbell, John Pawlikowski, Sascha Reth, Stefan Rösel, Matt Trumbo in the meeting room at In-Situ

UGT is the German representative of In-Situ products. The sensors and solution fits perfect to the product portfolio of UGT.

Good news from the development department of In-Situ. Live Readings Graphing for VuSitu are available!  This enables all the things people use graphs for – easy tracking of stabilization, visualization of changes over time, and many more! 

UGT in South Korea

After the long time of travel restrictions, we are starting the maintenance work, now. Our team worked successfully for the last 2 weeks at the world largest lysimeter station with 92 lysimeters altogether.

view on the lysimeter station
rice lysimeter with water overflow system
lifted lysimeter ready for maintenance
sensor callibration

In-Situ Release von 3 neuen Sensoren!

Gute Nachrichten kommen von unserem Partner In-Situ zum nahenden Jahresende für all unsere KundInnen aus Wassersektor und -forschung:

Für unsere In-Situ Multiparameter-Sonden AquaTroll 500/600 gibt es jetzt 3 neue Sensoren:

  • Aqua Troll Fluorescein WT Sensor (Uranin)
  • Aqua Troll Crude Oil Sensor
  • Aqua Troll FDOM Sensor (Fluoreszierendes gelöstes organisches Material)

Der Release, auf den viele Kunden lange gewartet haben und der das Anwendungsspektrum der Sonden merklich erweitert:

Fluorescein/Uranin ist ein wichtiger Tracer in der Hydrogeologie, auf Deponien und zur Detektion von Leckagen.

Fluoreszierendes gelöstes organisches Material (FDOM) dient als zusätzlicher Indikator um Mischprozesse zu verstehen oder Komponenten und Anteile von Einträgen organischer Materie zu untersuchen, z.B. in Küstengewässern. Auch die Wichtigkeit der Überwachung von gelöstem Rohöl in Küstengewässern oder Bundeswasserstraßen steht außer Frage.

Alle 3 Sensoren nutzen die einzigartige optische Sensor-Technologie der In-Situ Fluorometer: mit integriertem Referenzdetektor der die Lichtintensität misst und Änderungen bei jeder Messung kompensiert, und mit besonders engen Frequenzbereichen zur Vermeidung der Interferenz mit anderen Fluoresenzquellen. Durch die In-Situ eigene Smart-Sensor Strategie können Sie die neuen Sensoren problemlos mit den bestehenden kombinieren und an jedem beliebigen Steckplatz installieren – die individuelle Werkskalibrierung ist auf dem Sensorkopf gespeichert.

Für jeden der neuen optischen Sensoren hat In-Situ außerdem eine innovative Festkörperreferenz für die Kalibrierung herausgebracht – für eine schnellere und einfachere Kalibrierung.  Sie können auch auf “traditionelle Weise” mit Standardlösungen kalibriert werden, aber mit den Festkörperreferenzen wird die Kalibrierung einfacher und schneller.
Beispiel: Aqua TROLL FDOM Solid State RFU Calibrator (

Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit für ein Upgrade Ihres AquaTrolls noch vor Jahresende, oder planen Sie die Anschaffung Ihres Aqua Trolls für die nächste Saison schon fest mit ein!

Wir informieren Sie gern über das volle Leistungsspektrum der Aqua Troll Serie (; kontaktieren Sie uns per Email oder rufen Sie uns an.

New Publication: “The iDiv Ecotron – a flexible research platform for multitrophic biodiversity research”

Anja Schmidt, Jes Hines, Manfred Türke, François Buscot, Martin Schädler, Alexandra Weigelt, Alban Gebler, Stefan Klotz, Tao Liu, Sascha Reth, Stefan Trogisch, Jacques Roy, Christian Wirth, Nico Eisenhauer,

First published: 04 October 2021


Across the globe, ecological communities are confronted with multiple global environmental change drivers, and they are responding in complex ways ranging from behavioral, physiological, and morphological changes within populations to changes in community composition and food web structure with consequences for ecosystem functioning. A better understanding of global change-induced alterations of multitrophic biodiversity and the ecosystem-level responses in terrestrial ecosystems requires holistic and integrative experimental approaches to manipulate and study complex communities and processes above and below the ground. We argue that mesocosm experiments fill a critical gap in this context, especially when based on ecological theory and coupled with microcosm experiments, field experiments, and observational studies of macroecological patterns. We describe the design and specifications of a novel terrestrial mesocosm facility, the iDiv Ecotron. It was developed to allow the setup and maintenance of complex communities and the manipulation of several abiotic factors in a near-natural way, while simultaneously measuring multiple ecosystem functions. To demonstrate the capabilities of the facility, we provide a case study. This study shows that changes in aboveground multitrophic interactions caused by decreased predator densities can have cascading effects on the composition of belowground communities. The iDiv Ecotrons technical features, which allow for the assembly of an endless spectrum of ecosystem components, create the opportunity for collaboration among researchers with an equally broad spectrum of expertise. In the last part, we outline some of such components that will be implemented in future ecological experiments to be realized in the iDiv Ecotron.

The German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai – UGT EcoUnit is part of the exhibition

The German Pavilion, CAMPUS GERMANY, isa forward-looking, optimistic place of knowledge, research and human interaction. It is full of sustainability-themed examples of innovation and ingenuity to inspire, fascinate and thrill visitors young and old: an entertaining, surprising, hands-on and digital showcase of German ideas and solutions in the field of sustainability. Come and visit us at #CAMPUSGERMANY, the German Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, open from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

EcoUnit at the Expo 2020 Dubai, © Deutscher Pavillon Expo 2020 / Björn Lauen

The UGT EcoUnit at the Expo 2020 Dubai

Construction at the German Pavilion at World Expo is entering the home stretch. From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, the EcoUnit will be part of the exhibition.

A video from the Expo can be seen here: