1.Technology Application Dialog in Müncheberg – Germany

“Digitalization – Value-added processes & changing business models” at 31.08.2017
UGT was host for a group of 30 companies of our region to discuss the changes in the process of digitalization in business.
Albrecht Gerber, Minister for Economy and Energy of the Federal State of Brandenburg provides positive impetus and listens attentively to the entrepreneurs and takes part in the lively discussion. Also Ms. Simona Koß, member of Parliament of the Federal State of Brandenburg used the opportunity to get into dialogue with the entrepreneurs.

Digitalization means to transform business in such a way that business operations and business functions will be improved and further developed. New business models arise. Companies worldwide change their processes. The companies in the Federal State of Brandenburg meet this challenge and amplify their activities by using digital technologies in a wider sense. Entrepreneurs of different branches used the opportunity to exchange opinion and define the current status and agree upon strategic targets concerning the challenges within the global economy. This meeting will be one within a series and is part of the networking of the companies within our region of Berlin Brandenburg.

We thank the participants and hope to see each other soon again at UGT.