Campus Edition 2020

UGT More than Standard

As partner of science we like to offer you a special chance. We launch our high end RTG-Lysimeter as Campus Edition 2020.

Field data are an important base to understand enviromental processes and predict future by modelling szenarios. Lysimeter are sophisticated instrument for enviromental monitoring to observe water, matter and energy fluxes.

Students should learn with the best available instruments. Therefore we launch a Campus Edition 2020 of our successful RTG Lysimeter with a generous discount.

We offer the Campus Edition 2020 with an attractive discount of 25% on our pricelist.

This special offer is dedicated to universities and schools.

The lysimeter is supposed to be used for teaching purposes only. Each department can order one piece of our Campus Edition 2020 at this rate. The Campus Edition RTG Lysimeter is of course the regular product with all functions of our high end lysimeter.

This promotion is valid untill end of 2020.
With ordering you get a free invitation to our lysimeter workshop in March 2020 on top.

You need more than one of our sophisticated lysimeter? When ordering additional devices untill 15.11.2020 you get a promotion discount of 10% on all RTG Lysimeter.

Are you interested in this unique chance?
Please contact us to get an offer.

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