Congratulations! Number 80 is celebrating with us at Expo 2020 Dubai!

After 46 days our lottery ended last Friday. A total of 151 people took the chance to celebrate our EcoUnit with us at Expo 2020 Dubai! 

The competition was a complete success for us! Some answers, why exactly you are the right person for Dubai have inspired us and for some efforts we thank you on this way.

But only one can win!

Today we drew the winner by lot. Each participant was randomly assigned a lot number and the colorful lucky tickets were distributed in our laboratory lysimeter. 

Managing Director Dr. Sascha Reth was the lucky messenger and drew the number 80 in the presence of Claudia Höger. Behind the lucky number 80 is a lucky winner “Thomas Z.”, whom we will contact today via email to tell him the happy news.

We also did a second draw – just in case – The second lucky ticket has the number 14.

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