CSME – 2018 Contaminated Site Management in Europe: Sustainable Remediation and Management of Soil, Sediment and Water EORTs-2018 Oxidation and Reduction Technologies for Treatment of Soil and Groundwater

This congress was jointly held at the University of Lorraine, Nancy, France on October 22-25, 2018. Professor Marie-Odile Simonnot was like in 2012 conferences’ chair. Thanks of the great engagement of the colleagues of the University of Lorraine, GISFI also in this year the conference was a success. More than 30 universities from all over the world formed the international committee that organised this conference. In altogether 11 sessions the scientists presented from 9.00 a.m in the morning until 6.00 p.m in the evening their scientific results concerning the important topics in the field of phyto-or bioremediation or remediation of groundwater and sediment. Risk Assessment and also modelling and the presentation of new investigation tools played an important role in the discussions.
Session 6 on Wednesday, October 24th dealt with the mechanism transport and mobilization and transfer in water from contaminated soils and measures for soil remediation. UGT was invited to give a presentation in this international conference.

Sascha Reth gave a presentation with the title:  “weighable lysimeters – a perfect tool to observe phytoremediation processes in undisturbed soil columns”. It was great to hear in the presentations of GISFI given by Marie-Odile Simonnot and Pierre Faure that many of the  scientific tasks have been successfully resolved with column experiments by the help of UGT lysimeters.

Moreover Sascha Reth and Kerstin Thomsen used the opportunity to present new equipment of UGT together with our french agent SDEC who was represented by Adrien Maslard. The talks about new projects with our friends and partners from University Lorraine and GISFI in the margin of the conference were important milestones to further develop the cooperation and plan our next joint steps.
Merci et à la prochaine fois à Nancy en France!