Ejkelkamp Practice Day at UGT on the 9th of June in Freising and on the 11th of June in Müncheberg

 „presentation of equipment: soil sampling, soil moisture, soil compaction, infiltration and sediment samples”
Dr. Sascha Reth opened the work shop in Freising and  Müncheberg and we were glade to welcome our experienced course leader Cor Verbruggen from the Ejkelkamp Academy. Cor showed to our customers the numerous forms of application of the wide range equipment of Ejkelkamp. Cor was supported by the UGT field seller Markus Reissig who has experience for more than a decade in the field of Ejkelkamp products.
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We had more than 20 participants at each UGT place and our customers appreciated highly the very practical seminar. A short necessary amount of theory and than everybody started working, digging, taking samples nearly “undisturbed” and disturbed ones.
From the famous “Edelmann” driller to the split tube sampler. Heavy technique like the “percussion coring tube” demanded muscle power in the team. Beside of the knowledge and exchange of experience joy and fun facilitated the joint work.
This course was combined with information concerning the UGT technology and there was interesting ways that showed how to combine UGT-technology with Ejkelkamp-technology.
A good match, Katja Weber, scientist in the field of hydrology accompanied the participants and even new product ideas emerged out of the exchange of experience.
Kerstin Thomsen, strategic sales Manager from UGT had the chance to talk to the customers about new projects.
Last but not least the UGT teams in Freising and Müncheberg were very good hosts and provided for our customers a nice meal from the field kitchen. Our internal customer service in Müncheberg and Freising, Jeannine, Nancy, Jenny and Stefanie took very good care for the wellbeing of our customers – thanks to the Team!
Thanks to the participants – please join us soon again! Thanks to our lecturers – we are looking forward to have you soon here again!
Service is our top target and we will keep up with the development in all fields and we invite you dear customers to join us – learn more about the equipment – and to have a good time with us.
Yours’ UGT-team in Freising and Müncheberg
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