Grand Prize for small and medium-sized businesses Oskar-Patzelt Foundation

A total of 4917 small and medium-sized enterprises from Germany coming from all 16 federal states in Germany have been nominated for the 24. competition for the “Grand Prize for small and medium-sized businesses 2018”.
This price for small and medium-sized enterprises in the whole of Germany enjoys the highest resonance. The price has been launched since 1994 by the Leipzig Oskar Patzelt Foundation.
For work, education and innovation: the best of the 16 Federal States of Germany – 4971 companies were nominated by associations, companies, chambers of commerce in January 2018.
We are very proud of the fact that, on Friday, 27.04.18, UGT in the Berlin-Brandenburg region has been chosen by the jury as one of a total of 41 companies from Berlin-Brandenburg. So we passed this important hurdle on the way to the finalists and winners for the Grand Prize of small and medium-sized businesses. We are in the jury list!

How works the selection of the companies for the Price?
The tournament season for the “Grand Prize for small and medium-sized businesses” starts each year on 1. November with the new nomination phase. Up to 31. January, citizens, members of parliament, institutions or companies propose prize-worthy companies to this competition. Because nobody can apply by himself. The company has to be nominated by a third party – UGT was nominated!
After nomination, the company, according to set criteria, has to submit the application documents until April 15, 2018. UGT has approached this challenge and filled in the application form in accordance with the set criteria and showed the performance of the company.
Criteria 1: general development of the company
Kriterium 2: creation and development of labor and training places
Kriterium 3: innovation and modernization
Kriterium 4: commitment in the region
Kriterium 5: service and customer proximity (marketing)
The processes in the company will be evaluated in a clear way.
Now we have the half time result.
The companies that are on the jury list of 12 regional juries in Germany will be evaluated until the end of June! We are candidates in this final round!
Dr. Sascha Reth, Managing Director of our company, will receive the certificate for the achievement to be on the “Jury” list on Monday, 18.06.2018, in Berlin. This document is provided by Brandenburg’s State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Energy, Mr Hendrick Fischer.
On the 08th of September 2018 the big decisionconcerning the award will be taken, the festive event will take place in the Maritim Hotel in the city of Dresden!
On this day, in the margin of a festive event the award gala will take place:
This event is for the companies from the Federal States of: Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Berlin-Brandenburg. This is high point in the history of a company! A delegation of colleagues of our company will take part in this event and have the chance to witness this decision in Dresden and perhaps we can “bring home” a price . Thanks to all colleagues of UGT, it is their day-to-day work that enables UGT to be a trusted and highly respected partner for our customers and partners, we believe that our team is a real candidate to be one of the winners in the contest for the Grand Prize for small and medium-sized companies.