Lysimeter to improve desert soils

UGT feels happy to have been chosen by the Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) in Doha to provide and install a lysimeter station with three RTG Lysimeter.
Sustainability a key for future…
The research of the international team of scientist who work with the lysimeter will focus on the melioration of sandy soils with biochar to improve the fertility of poor soils in desert regions and manage water supply optimal in dry regions.
Easy data management a key for efficient work
The SVADSS data service from UGT enables the user to get their newest data every morning right on their desk. Automaticly created graphs gives you a quick inside of your monitoring station and you have always good overview on what´s going on in the field. Focus on science instead of digging for data.
Sensible sensors – sensible working
The site was chosen on a green area of Education City in Doha. As UGT feels proud to provide best solutions with minimal impact on the study site we removed the green from the construction site first and stored it aside.
The three RTG Lysimeter could be installed carefully and after all the green was replaced and the site was immedeately in perferct shape again.
We claim nothing else than the best according our ambitious philosophy…UGT – more than standard!

Smile and sweat…
Our senior consultant for Lysimeter & Ecotrons Stefan Engelhardt, couldn´t be stopped by 40°C without shadow. His experience of about 250 installed lysimeter around the globe fits him for such challenges.

The next lysimeter for the region will follow in few weeks.
Thanks for trusting UGT!