Lysimters – seperating processes in flux measurement II – 3 days of fruitful discussions 

The UGT branch office in Freising near Munich was once again a meeting point of scientists, customers, UGT-agents and partners to meet up and conduct a 3-days workshop from 17th to 19th October 2017.  Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere transports are the key drivers for all processes in the environment. Under this key topic we had lively discussions and great presentations over the whole period of time. We discussed solutions to enable environmental monitoring with the latest developments. The wonderful weather conditions in Freising we had nearly 3 summer days enabled presentations of new solutions which show the capacity of science and production in a medium sized plant.
The 17th of October predominantly showed lysimeters as a proven tool for ecosystem studies.
Dr. Sascha Reth, UGT, Germany and Prof. Dr. Peter Cepuder, BOKU Vienna, Austria, gave valuable scientific bases for a lively discussion. A highlight and source of further brainstorming among the 48 participants from 15 countries of the workshop was the presentation of the GREEN ROOF LYSIMETERS AT HS WEIHENSTEPHAN-TRIESDORF by Prof. Dr. Christian Huber and the presentation of the scientific approach of Prof. Dr. Andrea Carminati concerning his research results.

We all are facing the impacts of climate change. We must manage the risks and therefore monitoring and measuring is most important! It is therefore that the 18th of October was dedicated to Sap flow and plant water potential measurements through plants from soil surface fluxes.
Dr. Beng Umali, ICT International, Australia, impressed the participants by giving not only a scientific presentation but also practical experience to use Sap-flow sensors, STEM PSYCHROMETERS AND WIRELESS NETWORKS, DATABANK SYSTEMS in different scenarios.

A pilot project was the MOORuse presented by Prof. Drösler – pioneer research work, a step towards future. Martina Zacios, LWF Freising, Germany demonstrated her research work.
Dr. Armin Raabe, Uni Leipzig, Germany, gave a DEMONSTRATION concerning MICROMETEOROLOGY AT SCALE OF A LYSIMETER, scientists and customers had the opportunity to get a good insight into this topic

Brainstorming and new ideas this was a core topic of the workshop, interesting new ideas were discussed and networks were made.
October, 19th was another highlight of the workshop.09:00 INTRODUCTION OF PLANT WATER STATUS CONSOLE AND PRESSURE EXTRACTOR
Dr. Ali Farsad, Soilmoisture Inc., USA gave a PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION OF PLANT WATER STATUS CONSOLE AND PRESSURE EXTRACTOR. UGT represents these products in Germany and so it was a forum to get new ideas concerning the works with these tools.

Dr. Christian Heerdt from UGT presented MEASUREMENTS WITH THE SOILINSIGHT and gave a demonstration of the work with the rhizotrones.
Gordon McArthur, Eosense, Canada gave theoretical basis and practical demonstration concerning the chamber systems like eosFDCO2. 

In combination with other scientific tools like gas analyzers a very sophisticated tools that UGT represents in Germany
The atmosphere of the workshop was full of the spirit to work together and to initiate new projects and to change experience.
One of the highlight was the great Bavarian evening!

We thank the scientists for their presentations, the UGT –team was proud to organize the workshop and to host the participants, we look forward to seeing you all again!

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