More than 20 years of stable business relations in China for UGT

The market access in China seems to be easier today compared with 20 years ago when everything was still unknown and somehow “adventurous”. You have nowadays numerous flights; good accommodation and our partners speak fluently English.
Nevertheless, it is our partners in China that enable the access in the market and react clever to the changes and demands in the market. It is today even more difficult to sell imported technique in China, as on the one hand there is still a very good demand for new innovative products in our field of environmental monitoring. But today we do not just sell any more one product but a whole solution. Also local suppliers further develop their products. Also for small and medium sized companies like UGT cooperation that goes beyond sales relation gets into focus. It is therefore necessary that the partner in China can provide service and information to the customers, joint presentations get more and more important. We thank our Chinese partners for the continuant and trustful relations over the year and the open atmosphere in the talks. We used the opportunity to meet our partners. We visited customers together to go into brainstorming to find new solutions.

Chinese universities have a high standard and we thank our partners for the invitations and organization of workshops in the scientific research institutes and universities in Beijing and Guangzhou. It was a pleasure to exchange opinion with the Chinese scientists. Although there are prognosis that because of global trade challenges the growth in China will not continue in 2-digit rates, there are still about 6% economic growth in China. If UGT together with the Chinese partners put the right measurements there is still room to grow together and further develop the business relations.
We look forward to a successful 2019 together with our Chinese business partners.