NAS International Lysimeter Workshop, September, 7th in Wanju, South Korea

At September, 7th the International Lysimeter Workshop took place in Wanju, South Korea.
Warmly regard were given by Prof. Jimmo Lee the preseident of NAS at the beginning:opening_nas_workshop
For the second anniversary celebration of the largest lysimeter station in Asia with 92 lysimeters the RDA (Rural Development Administration) organized a workshop with presentations from South Korea, Japan, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.The main focus of the presentation was “Applying the Lysimeter Systems to Water and Nutrient Dynamics”.
The long tradition of lysimeter research in Europe was visible with the presentations of Prof. Peter Cepuder from Boku Vienna. Prof. Cepuder is the president of the European Lysimeter Research Group and took the idea of a global lysimeter network to Korea. His presentation should technical aspects regarding nitrogen leaching and thep roof of weighing data.Dr. Volker Prasuhn from the Agroscope Switzerland presented the results from the largest lysimeter station in Europe for the last 8 years and has shown the advantage of high number of lysimeter replicates. The impact of fertilyzers and froot change was one of the main topics.

The managing director of UGT – Dr. Sascha Reth – was proud to be part of this event, as UGT has built the 2 largest stations in the world, in Switzerland as well as RDA lysimeters in South Korea. In his talk he presented the latest developments in the lysimeter technique and gave ideas for future solutions in this research field.
From Asia presentation of  Dr. Jisung Park, Dr. Seonguk Kim, Dr. Jinyong Choi, Dr. Junghun, Ok, Dr. Mijin Seo, Dr. Taeil Jang, Dr. Seonguk Kim, Dr. Kyunghwa Han, Dr. Jinmo Lee  – all from South Korea- and Dr. Morihiro Maeda from Japan were shown.

The discussion board found a lot of corelation between the different working groups in the world. In the future a main task is to bring more researcher to the existing lysimeters.20160907_170451.jpg
This will increse the inficency and proof of different applications.
A highlight of the workshop was the visit of the great lysimeter facility of RDA.

Thanks a lot for organizing the workshop! And thanks for the great job of our representative in South Kore GAON.