New Product

LWF – precipitation collector – with 200 cm² collection area for forest and agriculture

Photo credit: UGT GmbH

UGT offer the standard precipitation collector, developed at the Bavarian State Institute of Forestry, exclusively.


  • Protection against contamination by leaves, needles etc. in the collecting bottle is prevented
  • Minimized evaporation
  • Effective fine filter is removable
  • Cleaning and handling: the individual parts can be cleaned or replaced by hand.
  • Easy handling
  • Low price
  • Standard system enables the comparison of precipitation between different users

field of application

The LWF – precipitation collector – 200 is used to collect and store the precipitation for analysis of the precipitation quantity and quality in the laboratory.

technical specifications

The collecting diameter is 200 mm and the surface is 314 cm2. The precipitation collector is suspended at a height of 1 m in a standpipe with base. The precipitation collector is made of polyethylene. The sampling volume is 5 or 4.4. liter.

protective filter

A protective filter prevents the entry of dirt and at the same time the evaporation from the collection volume, so that the concentration of the substances dissolved in the water is maintained.

Photo credit: UGT GmbH

adapted designs for every application site

design forest: Collecting funnel and collecting bottle are connected by a screw connection for sun protected installation sites like forests.

design agriculture: Collecting funnel and collecting bottle are connected by a hose connection for sun exposed installation sites. The collection bottle is stored in the soil (base pipe) and thus the collected precipitation is cooled and evaporation is reduced.

Photo credit: UGT GmbH


To prevent contamination by bird excrement’s we recommend using the bird defense ring.


The World Meteorological Organization recommends collectors like this for measurements with tipping counters in order to compensate for errors caused by the principle. Since precipitation varies strongly, 4 rain collectors per tipping counter are recommended.