Thank you Rio de Janeiro, thank you Brazil!

UGT was exhibitor at the 21st WCSS – World Congress of Soil Science in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
Exchange of opinion with scientists from all over the world was a key element of work here at the UGT booth in Brazil. The scientists showed interest in the products of UGT and sensors like the Full-range Tensiometer or our soil moisture sensor UMP-2 were in the focus of attention. Our RTG (Ready-To-Go lysimeters) were chosen by many scientists from Argentina, Chile via Japan to Russia or USA as a very sophisticated and efficient tool to observe the process of soil flux and evaporation. Scientists pointed out that with the new ku-pf 4.2 from UGT they could get more exact results and a very efficient new tool for research.
Brazil and its soil scientists were very good hosts. Soil science has a big history and goes back to the beginning of 19th century in Brazil. Also in the next years, soil science will remain at the center of discussion for food production and environmental conservation and will take actively part in such crucial topics like for instance protection of biodiversity, reduction of poverty, production of renewable energy and sustainable agriculture intensification.

The next WCSS will take place in 2022 in Glasgow. UGT will do all to present also at the next congress new tools to facilitate the work of the soil scientists !
Thanks Rio – hello Glasgow and we congratulate Nanjing in China which was elected to be host at the congress in 2026!