The UGT management congratulates Prof. Dr. Nico Eisenhauer from the coveted Leibniz Prize 2021 of the DFG

We are very pleased about the award, where the biologist of the University of Leipzig achieved fundamental research results on the impact of global change on biodiversity and ecosystem functions.

The recognition confirms and shows how important and valuable scientific research in the field of ecosystem and climate effects is, not only today but also for the future. The 2.5 million prize will also help to further exploit potential in this area, as there is still so much to be explored.

UGT supplies the technology – Ecotrons – in these experimental chambers complex ecosystems can be recreated and natural conditions simulated. The findings of the interaction between animals, plants and the environment can be observed and measured there in a tailored manner, as currently demonstrated in USA Berkley – our EcoPod project in California

With our devices we offer “more than standard. As the only appointed representative in the German pavilion at the Dubai 2020 trade fair, we will also be represented with the Ecotrons, among others, from October.

We are looking forward to further prizes or awards in this field. Congratulations!

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