UGT – „open house“ on 3rd of May in the margin of the local event „Kaiserbergfest“ in Müncheberg –

Our products being shown at the EGU – European Geosciences Union General assembly 2015 in  Vienna – now in Müncheberg – highly innovative products in the focus of our inhabitants of Müncheberg!
The first weekend in May, Müncheberg celebrated the 5th public fair “Kaiserbergfest” which attracted people with games, fun and entertainment.
As a local company of Müncheberg UGT used the opportunity to show our company and our products to the people of Müncheberg.
About 100 inhabitants of Müncheberg made use of this opportunity and got a very warm welcome in our Company.

Vortrag zur Geschichte der UGT gmbH

Presentation about the history of UGT GmbH

We showed our products in the field of environmental monitoring from the lysimeter to the weather station. Our hosts – the Managing Director, sales department, scientists and our experienced work team were happy to answer the questions of our guests concerning the various products as well as development and future challenges of the company.
Vorführung der Lysimeterentnahmetechnik

Live demonstration of lysimeter excavation technology

At the EGU in Vienna the company displayed a 2-fold lysimeter station, a top product the UGT is leading in the world marked with – the people of Müncheberg had the chance to see this product and to get informed about the latest scientific research programmes with this station.
Begehbare Lysimeterstation der UGT GmbH

Walk-in lysimeter station by UGT GmbH

History, now-adays challenges and future of the company – many inhabitants of Müncheberg are bound and interested in environmental technology for many years and hence were very interested listeners.
UGT managing director Bernd Fürst

UGT managing director Bernd Fürst

A joint breakfast offered the opportunity to get in personal talks – during the guided tours through the factory – young and old visitors where enthusiastic to discuss what in more than 20 years of development has been achieved in UGT.
“We would like to come again next year”, this was the comment of many people from Müncheberg! This is also a challenge for the staff of UGT to present new and interesting solutions again next year.
Magnificent sunshine in Müncheberg at the open area of UGT and an intersting part of the public event of the “Kaiserbergfest” where local economy fitted well in the activities of this day of entertainment and joy for the city of Müncheberg.
Kerstin Thomsen