Gala to celebrate „Grand Prix for German medium sized companies“– UGT has reached the jury list!

On Saturday, the 8th of September the gala for the “Grand Prix for SME’s in Germany” took place at the Maritim Hotel Dresden for the Federal States of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Berlin-Brandenburg.
The mood in the hall is festive and full of attention and excitement. Who will be honored with a award in 2018, who will be a finalist and prize winner? UGT has reached the jury list and this is a hard-won milestone. A delegation of UGT team members and partners participated in the awards ceremony and were looking forward to the results with great anticipation.
Please come up to the stage, will this magic phrase for UGT become reality already in 2018?
This award for performance in business and dedicated to the German SME’s is granted by “Oskar Patzelt Foundation”. It is the most coveted business award in Germany. We learn that the companies that have won here have consistently over years improved their performance and companies have been nominated several times until on Saturday, the 8th of September the following 3 companies from the Berlin Brandenburg region got the „Grand Prix for German medium sized companies“.
These are the winners:
The “Mahr EDV GmbH” nominated already in 3 different years, 2017 honored as „finalist“, in 2018 „Grand Prix winner“!
The „Industrieelektronik Brandenburg GmbH“,  being already in 5 different years nominated since 2003, 2017 honored as „finalist“, in 2018 „Grand Prix winner”!
The „ASL Automationssysteme Leske GmbH“ already nominated for 11 times since 2005, being a „finalist“ in 2016, in 2018 „ Grand Prix for German medium sized companies”.
The UGT GmbH has been nominated for the first time in 2018 by the German chamber of commerce Ostbrandenburg and the company PRO TEMPRE GmbH. We reached immediately the high level to be in the “jury list”, this success deserves high esteem, it was pronounced by the jury members during the gala. Our Managing Director, Dr. Sascha Reth, expressed in the interview during the gala:
We aim to continue to score points with our individual solutions in environmental monitoring, our customers appreciate this individually tailored solutions. We develop products to fulfill their needs.”
UGT has exciting opportunities for further development in many areas, from innovation to production to team development and effectiveness in the region, we are motivated to participate in the competition of 2019.