Lysimeters on tour – visit us at the EGU 2015 in Vienna

Take the great opportunity to visit UGT at the EGU. We are happy to show you the latest developments at our booth No.53. Here you will see the new Full Range Tensiometer at work.
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Measurement of the soil water matric potential (ψm) is important to characterize and monitor processes in vadose zone hydrology, such as plant growth, crop production, aquifer recharge and leaching below buried waste disposal sites. Tensiometers are widely used instruments for monitoring and have been used for almost 100 years already. Unfortunately, water-filled tensiometers are only able to measure (ψm ) up to approximately – 90kPa. Soil physical experimental research is hampered by this very limited measurement range. The Full Range Tensiometer is comparable to water-filled tensiometers, but measures over a larger range. Hereby the Full Range Tensiometer measures the soil water potential directly.

  • fast response to changes
  • higher measurement range than usual tensiometers
  • self refilling
  • direct pressure measurement

Available in 3 measurement ranges:

  • Full Range 5: pF 3.7 ( +50 to -500 kPa)
  • Full Range 15: pF 4.2 (+100 to -1500 kPa)
  • Full Range 25: pF 4.4 (+100 to -2500 kPa)

Outside the conference hall we have build up a real working lysimeter station. We are happy to explain you the world leading technique of the UGT lysimeters. Another good opportunity is to learn about the full range of lysimeter uses as the combination with Picarro analyzers – for water, gases and isotopic analyze– as well as plant related instruments from ICT International. With the instruments you enable the full information of the water flux and water potential in plants.
Further on the lysimeter range will be completed with a data management service of SVADSS to get always the best view on your data.