Summer Initiative – our product of the week – Part I: ku-pF for the determination of the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of soil

The ku-pF MP10 is a laboratory instrument for the automatic determination of any saturated hydraulic conductivity ku and the pF curve (water tension curve) in accordance with the condensation method on up to 10 soil ring samples simultaneously. The apparatus is designed for the use of the UGT soil sample rings with 250 cm³ inner volume and 41 cm² cross sectional area. These soil sample rings have bore holes arranged exactly at height intervals of 3 cm for the insertion of the tensiometers. However, they may also be used for obtaining samples separately from the ku-pF apparatus. The filled soil sample rings are set onto filter plates, saturated and sealed basally in the carrier basket for the test run. The gradient resulting from the condensation on the free ground surface is recorded by two tensiometers which record the corresponding water content and the flow rate by periodical weighing respectively. Air bubbles are easy to recognize and eliminate through the acrylic head with bleed screw. The arrangement of the samples on the star shaped carrier which rotates at the set test interval permits the examination of 10 samples simultaneously. The sample on the weighing position is lifted from the carrier by lifting the scales so that it is standing free. The weighing data and the tensions here are stored on the internal data logger. Automatic measuring produces continuous measurement series with a minimum of monitoring. The scales are automatically balanced between weighings. Drift effects or any foreign bodies on the scales do not therefore cause any interference. The ku-pF apparatus works independently of a PC due to the integrated data logger and a microcomputer. A connection must be created to the PC only for maintenance, test start and reading out of the data.


ku-pF MP 10

For a non regular use we provide a single place – ku-pF SP – system to enable all benefits of the ku-pF for a smaller budget.

The following table helps you to find the right system for your need.
Comparison ku-pF MP10 vs ku-pF SP_Seite_1Comparison ku-pF MP10 vs ku-pF SP2_Seite_2
The table is available as a pdf for download: Comparison ku-pF MP10 vs ku-pF SP
Please find attached a comparison with competitive products and special advantages of our system. Feel free to contact us for further information.
kupf vs competetive systems