Summer Initiative – Part II: Ready-To-Go Lysimeter

The „Ready-to-go” Lysimeter is a small lysimeter station for soil columns with a surface area of up to 0.5 m² and a length of up to 0.9 m that can be filled by hand or be cut by UGT staff (undisturbed soil monolith). It comprises a compact PE-HD lysimeter station with integrated weighing system and seepage water reservoir with tipping counter, a PE-HD lysimeter vessel, a data logger and a set of soil hydrological sensors.
You can choose 4 different control stations:

  • Only control
  • Control and climate sensors
  • Control and lower boundary system
  • Control and climate sensors and lower boundary system

Everything is prepared to work as plug and play system so that the complete station can be set up and put into operation without any special staff or tools. The data can be displayed and read out on any PC that is connected to the internet using a data bank system and a server. Up to four „Ready-to-go” Lysimeters can be connected to one control station which is installed outside on a pole.
Available Sizes:    Ø = 30 cm / Length = 30 cm
Ø = 30 cm / Length = 60 cm
Ø = 30 cm / Length = 90 cm
RTG-Types Ø300
Ø = 80 cm / Length = 30 cm
Ø = 80 cm / Length = 60 cm
Ø = 80 cm / Length = 90 cm
RTG-Types Ø800
The data are displayed on the internet using the SVADSS online data management system. Up to four Ready-to-go Lysimeters can be connected to one data logger. The RTG-Lysimeter is the ideal supplement to an existing weather station for directly calculating evaporation.

Please find attached a comparison with competitive products and special advantages of our system. R2G vs competetive systems2
If you are going to start your lysimeter experiment our RTG offers the ideal initial configuration, easy to install, scientifically up to the latest standards; For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!