UGT – Lysimeter Technology

Lysimeter experiments determines PFC load in groundwater

The patented Lysimeter sampling technique was successfully used for a large science project in Germany.

Undisturbed soil monoliths were sampled by specially trained technicians from UGT GmbH with a high degree of precision and without the use of heavy duty equipment using the unique sampling technology developed and patented by UGT.

The research project with institutes from Bavaria (state office for environment LfU) and Baden Würtemberg would like to investigate the long-term effects of poly- and perflourized chemicals (PFC) on our groundwater. A total of 4 soil monoliths were extracted from a grain field and transported to the research institute. There the lysimeters are exposed to real weather conditions for 3 years and the leachate is continuously examined for contamination. By sampling the leachate after the soil passage of 2 m, a possible shift of substances with the percolating rainwater can be detected.


  • operation with light and movable excavation tools
  • enables the use in rough terrain
  •  rise of the productivity
  • Increases the quality of the monolith
  •  save money
  • detection of obstacles, e.g. stones, inclusions or other under the use of online observation
  • Xray and computer tomography examinations of the soil columns extracted using this technology have shown that no cracks or structural changes occur within the monoliths using this method.
  • well visible soil profiles
  • minimal damage of the surrounding area by using the excavation tools
  • No need to dig out the area around the vessel