UGT – We have updated our RTG – (READY TO GO)- lysimeters – see your unique option to combine our RTG with our new EcoLab! Measure the full range!

Our series of Ready-To-Go lysimeter which consists of highly sophisticated smaller and medium sized lysimeter stations for soil columns are offered with a diameter of 300, 500 or 800 mm and we provide lengths of 300, 600 or 900 mm. Like our big UGT container stations with 1m² or 2m² also the smaller RTGs are weighable and collect the seepage water to allow direct evapotranspiration measurements. The RTGs are suitable for both disturbed (filled by hand) and undisturbed soil monoliths.

The compact lysimeter station consists of stainless steel lysimeter vessel, a weighing system, a seepage tank with a tipping bucket, and a data logger.

Additionally, a weather station and a wide range of soil hydrological sensors, as well as a controlled bottom boundary condition can be added to get a complete measurement site. Combining the data logger with the SVADSS online data service provides a quick and easy access to the data via the internet.

What makes our system outstanding?

  • Most advantageous for you is that now all RTG -lysimeters have stainless steel vessels.

This enables you to use an undisturbed monolith using our special excavation equipment BASIC or the patented UGT extended excavation technology (requires UGT technicians). But also hand filling is an option! You can even change from one experiment to the other!

  • The RTGs are equipped with our patented full-range tensiometers

Patent number: DE 102016108531 A12017.01.12

Especially for regions with a dry climate this gives you the advantage of being able to get results until pf 4.2 which means it works until 15bar which is the wilting point of the plants. Moreover this highly sophisticated sensor gives you a unique feature or selling point.

RTGs are good value for money – not expensive

  • They have a handy size and can be handled without large machinery
  • Installation can be realized  by the user and shipping is less expensive than a big station

COMBINE your FIELD LAB (RTG) with your indoor LAB device UGT-EcoLab

In combination with the RTG lysimeter especially if you choose a lysimeter with a diameter of 500 we offer you herewith  also our UGT EcoLab which is to be used in the laboratory but you can – if you need this for your scientific experiment –  use a monolith that you had first used outside in the RTG-lysimeter. You can work in the lab alternating with undisturbed or disturbed soil.

The standard EcoLab 500 consist of:

1. Lysimeter part with soil and sensors

2. Atmosphere habitat part (suitable for experiments on water flows and solute transports or gas fluxes as well as experiments concerning fauna and flora)

3. technical part on top with different light options

There is a lot of opportunity to choose your special version.

We look forward to your further questions and remarks and are with pleasure ready to further discuss this topic. Inform us about your future project and we are more than happy to choose with you and give advice for the most suitable version of your RTG or EcoLab.

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