XIXth Štiavnica Days 2018

From October 2nd to 4th the XIXth Štiavnica Days 2018 took place in the center of the historic town Banská Štiavnica in Slovakia which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Stan2The organisation commitee decided  to expand the program with a lysimeter session.
Our managing director Dr. Sascha Reth was invited to introduce the tool lysimeter in the context of soil remediation.
Dr. Christian Heerdt gave an oral presentation about the evapotranspiration measurement with lysimeters compared to model approaches.
A highlight was the practical demonstration of the patented lysimeter excavation tool which could even used im contaminated areas.

Thanks to the conference organisation and our local partner Ekosur for all the support. We are looking forward to the upcoming new projects and hope our solutions could help for the success.