90 years of research in Müncheberg

On 26.10.2018 the ceremony “90 years of research in Müncheberg” took place in the church of Müncheberg. The “research city Müncheberg” is one of the most important locations for agricultural science in Germany.
Since 1992,  “Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH” (UGT) has also been part of this “research city Müncheberg”.

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The ceremony “90 years of research in Müncheberg” took place in the church of Müncheberg. Photo credit: UGT

The two-hour ceremony was opened by Cornelia Rosenberg. The focus of research in Müncheberg has changed, as Cornelia Rosenberg, Administrative Director at ZALF, explains in her opening speech: from maximizing yields in the GDR era to implementing more sustainability in land use. Afterwards, Dr. Claus Dalchow, long-time research associate at ZALF, reviewed 90 years of research at Müncheberg in a historical outline. This was followed by greetings from Gernot Schmidt, district administrator of the Märkisch-Oderland, and from Dr. Uta Barkusky, mayor of Müncheberg.
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The award winner Dr. Jana Zscheischler with the mayor of Müncheberg, Dr. Uta Barkusky and Prof. Dr. Müller, Zalf. Photo credit: UGT

This year, the awarding of the research prize was integrated into the celebrations. Dr. Jana Zscheischler receives the Müncheberg Award. The award honors her work on the problem of “transdisciplinary research” for sustainable land use, which relates to the cooperation between basic research and practice in land-use science. Prof. Dr. Ernst Berg, University of Bonn, addresses this topic in his speech “Challenges of Agricultural Research” and emphasized the special importance of the research field and its contribution to overcoming the major social challenges: reducing climate and environmental impacts and implementing more sustainability in land use and the food industry.
For 26 years UGT has been supporting science in these challenges. As a direct neighbour, UGT supports these processes through the development and production of environmental equipment technology with a high innovative character and high quality. The close cooperation with leading research institutions is the key to innovative solutions in the field of environmental equipment technology.

Dr. Seyfarth (UGT) and Anita Beblek (agrathear). Photo credit: UGT

In an additional exhibition, the key players of the research city were presented in more detail: among others the ZALF and Senckenberg German Entomological Institute Müncheberg, the LEFL – test station for fruit growing, UGT Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH and agrathaer GmbH, which is mainly concerned with the transfer of scientific results into practice.
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Exhibition of the different generations of our measuring technology. Tensio 100 – field tensiometer. Photo credit UGT


Exhibition of the different generations of our measuring technology. PL-300. Photo credit UGT

Dr. Seyfarth co-founder of the UGT presented the measuring technology of the beginnings up to today. Mr. Seyfarth gave the visitors the opportunity to get an insight into the development stages of the Tensio 100 – mobile field tensiometer and the PL 300.
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