Berlin-Brandenburg Quality Award for UGT in 2018

Quality is a very important factor to work successfully in the market. UGT puts quality in the center of the production process. Quality management is not only determined by the work of the quality manager but well established at each work place in our company. It is therefore that UGT works among other things according to the new standard DIN ISO 9001:2015, to better manage risks. The modern measuring instruments and process descriptions and procedures document the quality of our products. Digitalization helps to collect production data. The word “quality 4.0” gets into reality.
We are very proud that the joint summer reception which takes place at the wonderful premises of Burg Storkow. The reception is given by the two chambers of commerce in East Brandenburg. Burg Storkow offers the platform to honor companies with the quality award of the Berlin-Brandenburg region. UGT is one of the two award winners in 2018.
The award was presented to UGT by Dr. Dietmar Woidke, Prime Minister of the Federal State of Brandenburg. We take this as a great encouragement to further proceed our way and direct our entrepreneurial activity towards an effective use of the modern means of communication within the frame work of global business digitalization which is an important threshold towards a successful performance of our company now and in future.