Support and cooperation – France and UGT have a stable relationship

From the 23rd to the 27th of November 2015 UGT visited our French clients.
Our relationship with our partners in France is on the one hand side an inspiring
Exchange within the scientific community.
We visited the representatives of scientific labs of university Lorraine to further discuss joint projects.
Highlights of our commercial relationship highly influenced by our scientific partnership is the cooperation with GISFI in Homécourt.
The project with ANDRA in Bure were UGT installed a lysimeter station shows how economic application of resources and protection of environment can match together
University and middle sized companies develop new solutions – a soil insight based on research of university Lorraine and further development by UGT will be a new product in the range of UGT.
The license contract was signed by both partners.
INRA and UGT – we visited the site in Lusignan and explored together future potential further opportunities of cooperation. We try to give the scientists what refers to equipment best and suitable solutions

Commercial partnership with a highly specialized company can give our French clients better service and continuant attention. It is therefore that we met up with SDEC in Tauxigny to explore and discuss a strong partnership which is the base for a contract agreement.

Even global international partnership can be further developed at the hub of scientific development in France, so we met the rep of our middle sized Chinese business friend Encanwell who opens up an office in Grenoble.
Scientific work and customized production of UGT according to the needs of our clients match well together. We look positive towards our joint work with our French clients in 2016 and look forward to our joint efforts and projects. We thank our clients and scientific partners for the longlasting trust and wish a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2016