UGT – winner 2015 of the Future Prize “New silk road”

The German Future Award 2015 for Medium sized companies was initiated by the Economic Club Russia. With the proclamation of the Eurasian Economic Union on the 01.01.2015 the way was free to a more connected society and a cooperation in economy, culture and all social fields. This leads to connecting activities between China and Europe, the ‘New Silk Road’ is an outstanding project which demonstrates the process of transformation in economy , culture and the whole society between Asia and Europe.
Layout 1UGT is proud to be an active partner in the process to practically realize with economic projects – especially with our worldwide known lysimeter stations – this corridor of industrial clusters – thus being a driving force in the dialogue between innovative people that work together to create trust and cooperation and further develop the well being of human beings by economic growth under sustainable environmental conditions.
Focus of UGT economic activities is the development, fabrication and sales of highly innovative equipment for environmental monitoring. Target of the project “New silk road” is the development of a reliable measuring network. This work is realized in very narrow cooperation with the Helmholtz-centre for environmental research – UFZ GmbH with main seat in Leipzig. Our key work consists in the development, construction and adaption of lysimeter stations.

Lysimeter can collect all parameters of the water and mass balance of the respective catchment online. This brings environmental monitoring into a new quality. The UGT stations can monitor by the respective clima measuring technique the whole circle.
UGT was founded 23years ago and has always been a very good partner of high ranking scientific institutes within Germany and abroad. UGT is also a partner for industry and engineering companies in the environmental field.
Dr. Manfred Seyfarth, founder of the company, Bernd Fürst, Managing Director, Dr. Sascha Reth, Managing Director of UGT represent the Managing Board of UGT – They express:
“It is our team at UGT that realized this success. We dispose of an experienced team of workers in production and service engineers that travel round the world with our stations and sensor technique. There are our scientists who further develop our products and there are our cooperation partners in the universities and research centres who expand our think-tanc.

There is our sales and marketing team who outside and in the interior service do all to satisfy our clients needs. Thanks to our clients which gave us there trust now about more than 20 years we are today in this position“
UGT represents a sustainable sector – to protect our environment is a global task – climatic change involves the whole world – the “New silk road Award” gives courage and further strength to follow this way.

Today UGT celebrates with partners and friends, among them Prof. Dr. Rainer Horn, chair of soil science, Christian Albrechts university Kiel and President of the IUSS, Prof. Dr. Ralph Meissner, Helmholtz centre UFZ, Leipzig
We look forward to our further joint work!